Thank you for reading the Addison Mayor’s Newsletter.

Hopefully you are also continuing to read our staff prepared newsletter that comes out on Friday afternoons. I believe that if we are truly committed to transparency there is great value in multiple perspectives.

I have continued to write the same sort of newsletter here that I have written for the last 5 years in an effort to stay personally connected with you and fulfill my role as a council member “to communicate with, and seek input from stakeholders”, as well as “promote transparency in communicating with residents, businesses and regional partners.”

All of those definitions shape the reasons I write this newsletter for you each week and I hope are some of the reasons you continue to read it.  I also expect that these definitions helped shape the council’s policy on Transparency, that “More is Better”.

I believe Addison’s two newsletters are excellent examples of the value of multiple perspectives. There are items covered in the staff newsletter that are covered differently in the Mayor’s Newsletter, as well as items that may not be covered at all in the staff newsletter that I put a very high priority on and thus highlight in the Mayor’s Newsletter. 

Again, that is the value of different perspectives: you have more information and hopefully you are more fully informed.

Addison Mayor Todd Meier signature

Todd Meier Mayor of Addison Texas